Maritime Calibration

Maritime Calibration

Temperature – Pressure – Signal


We are pleased to announce new portable DNV rated pressure and temperature calibration solutions focused on the Maritime Industry.

Calibration expenses are important factors to consider when calculating a products overall cost of ownership. Often, products with longer calibration cycles become less expensive overall when compared to products that might initially have a lower cost. These calibration expenses are amplified when dealing with the maritime industry, where additional difficulties like coordinating and waiting for annual calibration of on-board equipment can be costly.

To help reduce these concerns, we are introducing a new three year factory recommended calibration interval for our popular m1 pressure gauge (called the m1M) and the MTC Marine Temperature Calibrator. Both products are the same easy-to-use, reliable, time-saving, economical solutions they always have been, but they now can be introduced with a three year calibration cycle, increasing their value.

In addition to the calibration savings, the new m1M can further reduce costs by replacing three or more standard gauges with one wide range digital gauge. And, this means even less to calibrate in the future. The MTC reduces costs by saving time and lowering training expenses with simple one-key, one-function logic, and automatic switch test and auto-stepping features.

To support these increased calibration intervals, we have published slightly different specifications on each product, which can be found in our new datasheets and brochures. We have also created a new Maritime overview brochure which contains details on both products, provides specific maritime applications, and introduces additional products like our ASC-400, nVision, XP2i, and CPF. In addition, new low cost pump systems are also available in a rugged plastic case.

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